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Use Cases

Here are few reasons you may need data science consulting.

You are not sure how analytics or data science applies to your business, but are worried that your competitors might be using it.

We are happy to speak with you about what we have seen in the industry, and help you determine if there are any specific projects that would show a high return on investment.

You need to automate and improve existing analytic processes to free analysts to do new work.

We can help you move successful Excel spreadsheets into automated R workflows and train your staff to work fluidly and confidently in the new environment. This can work with your existing databases and data sources, and does not require the purchase or licensing of any additional commercial software.

You are managing many items (advertisements, sales leads, or inventory) and have no way to sort or price them.

We can develop an modeling methodology that lets you correctly price these items, so you no longer need to lose money by treating them as being indistinguishable.

You are selling into uncertain demand and don’t want to continue to pay for a large inventory.

We can build forecast and risk models that allow you to reliably meet demand cheaply.

You want help picking optimal prices.

We are experts at dynamic pricing, estimating price elasticity, and estimating market demand.

You have a valuable customer base that you want to protect and continue to profit from.

We are experts in developing customer retention and customer engagement models.

Your business is growing, and your analytics practices are having a hard time keeping up.

We can architect an effective high value data science platform and workflow.

You have a data lake that you can not visualize, characterize, or imagine.

We can help you design effective summaries and visualizations.

You have invested in a new data science platform, and now you need some quick first victories.

We can quickly deliver pilot analyses with high return on investment and quickly train your team on common industry best analytics practices.

You need to know which of your market campaigns are most effective.

We can design and implement efficient and explainable A/B tests and other controlled experiments.

You have a brilliant but heterogeneous team.

We are happy to build a directed training program to fill training/experience gaps.

Win-Vector LLC routinely helps customers with projects like these. Contact us, and we may be able to help you.