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A Theory of Nested Cross Simulation

[Reader’s Note. Some of our articles are applied and some of our articles are more theoretical. The following article is more theoretical, and requires fairly formal notation to even work through. However, it should be of interest as it touches on some of the fine points of cross-validation that are […]

vtreat version 0.5.26 released on CRAN

Win-Vector LLC, Nina Zumel and I are pleased to announce that ‘vtreat’ version 0.5.26 has been released on CRAN. ‘vtreat’ is a data.frame processor/conditioner that prepares real-world data for predictive modeling in a statistically sound manner. (from the package documentation) ‘vtreat’ is an R package that incorporates a number of […]

A demonstration of vtreat data preparation

This article is a demonstration the use of the R vtreat variable preparation package followed by caret controlled training. In previous writings we have gone to great lengths to document, explain and motivate vtreat. That necessarily gets long and unnecessarily feels complicated. In this example we are going to show […]

Improved vtreat documentation

Nina Zumel has donated some time to greatly improve the vtreat R package documentation (now available as pre-rendered HTML here). vtreat is an R data.frame processor/conditioner package that helps prepare real-world data for predictive modeling in a statistically sound manner.

More on preparing data

The Microsoft Data Science User Group just sponsored Dr. Nina Zumel‘s presentation “Preparing Data for Analysis Using R”. Microsoft saw Win-Vector LLC‘s ODSC West 2015 presentation “Prepping Data for Analysis using R” and generously offered to sponsor improving it and disseminating it to a wider audience. We feel Nina really […]