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seplyr 0.5.8 Now Available on CRAN

We are pleased to announce that seplyr version 0.5.8 is now available on CRAN. seplyr is an R package that provides a thin wrapper around elements of the dplyr package and (now with version 0.5.8) the tidyr package. The intent is to give the part time R user the ability […]

dplyr in Context

Introduction Beginning R users often come to the false impression that the popular packages dplyr and tidyr are both all of R and sui generis inventions (in that they might be unprecedented and there might no other reasonable way to get the same effects in R). These packages and their […]

Coordinatized Data: A Fluid Data Specification

Authors: John Mount and Nina Zumel. Introduction It has been our experience when teaching the data wrangling part of data science that students often have difficulty understanding the conversion to and from row-oriented and column-oriented data formats (what is commonly called pivoting and un-pivoting). Boris Artzybasheff illustration Real trust and […]