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Why R?

I was working with our copy editor on Appendix A of Practical Data Science with R, 2nd Edition; Zumel, Mount; Manning 2019, and ran into this little point (unfortunately) buried in the back of the book. In our opinion the R ecosystem is the fastest path to substantial data science, […]

What is vtreat?

vtreat is a DataFrame processor/conditioner that prepares real-world data for supervised machine learning or predictive modeling in a statistically sound manner. vtreat takes an input DataFrame that has a specified column called “the outcome variable” (or “y”) that is the quantity to be predicted (and must not have missing values). […]

Speaking at BARUG

We will be speaking at the Tuesday, September 3, 2019 BARUG. If you are in the Bay Area, please come see us. Nina Zumel & John Mount Practical Data Science with R Practical Data Science with R (Zumel and Mount) was one of the first, and most widely-read books on […]

Kudos to Professor Andrew Gelman

Kudos to Professor Andrew Gelman for telling a great joke at his own expense: Stupid-ass statisticians don’t know what a goddam confidence interval is. He brilliantly burlesqued a frustrating common occurrence many people say they “have never seen happen.” One of the pains of writing about data science is there […]

How do you know if your model is going to work?

Authors: John Mount (more articles) and Nina Zumel (more articles). Our four part article series collected into one piece. Part 1: The problem Part 2: In-training set measures Part 3: Out of sample procedures Part 4: Cross-validation techniques “Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful.” George Box Here’s […]