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Summarizing big data in R

Our next "R and big data tip" is: summarizing big data. We always say "if you are not looking at the data, you are not doing science"- and for big data you are very dependent on summaries (as you can’t actually look at everything). Simple question: is there an easy […]

replyr: Get a Grip on Big Data in R

replyr is an R package that contains extensions, adaptions, and work-arounds to make remote R dplyr data sources (including big data systems such as Spark) behave more like local data. This allows the analyst to more easily develop and debug procedures that simultaneously work on a variety of data services […]

Upcoming Win-Vector LLC public speaking engagements

I am happy to announce a couple of exciting upcoming Win-Vector LLC public speaking engagements. BARUG Meetup Tuesday, Tuesday February 7, 2017 ~7:50pm, Intuit, Building 20, 2600 Marine Way, Mountain View, CA. Win-Vector LLC’s John Mount will be giving a “lightning talk” (15 minutes) on R calling conventions (standard versus […]

The case for index-free data manipulation

Statisticians and data scientists want a neat world where data is arranged in a table such that every row is an observation or instance, and every column is a variable or measurement. Getting to this state of “ready to model format” (often called a denormalized form by relational algebra types) […]