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seplyr 0.5.8 Now Available on CRAN

We are pleased to announce that seplyr version 0.5.8 is now available on CRAN. seplyr is an R package that provides a thin wrapper around elements of the dplyr package and (now with version 0.5.8) the tidyr package. The intent is to give the part time R user the ability […]

R Tip: Think in Terms of Values

R tip: first organize your tasks in terms of data, values, and desired transformation of values, not initially in terms of concrete functions or code. I know I write a lot about coding in R. But it is in the service of supporting statistics, analysis, predictive analytics, and data science. […]

Vectorized Block ifelse in R

Win-Vector LLC has been working on porting some significant large scale production systems from SAS to R. From this experience we want to share how to simulate, in R with Apache Spark (via Sparklyr), a nifty SAS feature: the vectorized “block if(){}else{}” structure.

Neat New seplyr Feature: String Interpolation

The R package seplyr has a neat new feature: the function seplyr::expand_expr() which implements what we call “the string algebra” or string expression interpolation. The function takes an expression of mixed terms, including: variables referring to names, quoted strings, and general expression terms. It then “de-quotes” all of the variables […]