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Not Always C++’s Fault

From the recent “Staged Install” article: Incidentally, there were just two distinct (very long) lists of methods in the warnings across all installed packages in my run, but repeated for many packages. It turned out that they were lists of exported methods from dplyr and rlang packages. These two […]

Why RcppDynProg is Written in C++

The (matter of opinion) claim: “When the use of C++ is very limited and easy to avoid, perhaps it is the best option to do that […]” (source discussed here) got me thinking: does our own RcppDynProg package actually use C++ in a significant way? Could/should I port it to […]

Introducing RcppDynProg

RcppDynProg is a new Rcpp based R package that implements simple, but powerful, table-based dynamic programming. This package can be used to optimally solve the minimum cost partition into intervals problem (described below) and is useful in building piecewise estimates of functions (shown in this note).