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Permutation Theory In Action

While working on a large client project using Sparklyr and multinomial regression we recently ran into a problem: Apache Spark chooses the order of multinomial regression outcome targets, whereas R users are used to choosing the order of the targets (please see here for some details). So to make things […]

Why to use the replyr R package

Recently I noticed that the R package sparklyr had the following odd behavior: suppressPackageStartupMessages(library("dplyr")) library("sparklyr") packageVersion("dplyr") #> [1] ‘’ packageVersion("sparklyr") #> [1] ‘0.6.2’ packageVersion("dbplyr") #> [1] ‘’ sc <- spark_connect(master = ‘local’) #> * Using Spark: 2.1.0 d <- dplyr::copy_to(sc, data.frame(x = 1:2)) dim(d) #> [1] NA ncol(d) #> [1] […]

Join Dependency Sorting

In our latest installment of “R and big data” let’s again discuss the task of left joining many tables from a data warehouse using R and a system called "a join controller" (last discussed here). One of the great advantages to specifying complicated sequences of operations in data (rather than […]

Summarizing big data in R

Our next "R and big data tip" is: summarizing big data. We always say "if you are not looking at the data, you are not doing science"- and for big data you are very dependent on summaries (as you can’t actually look at everything). Simple question: is there an easy […]