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Announcing rquery

We are excited to announce the rquery R package. rquery is Win-Vector LLC‘s currently in development big data query tool for R. rquery supplies set of operators inspired by Edgar F. Codd‘s relational algebra (updated to reflect lessons learned from working with R, SQL, and dplyr at big data scale […]

Win-Vector LLC announces new “big data in R” tools

Win-Vector LLC is proud to introduce two important new tool families (with documentation) in the 0.5.0 version of seplyr (also now available on CRAN): partition_mutate_se() / partition_mutate_qt(): these are query planners/optimizers that work over dplyr::mutate() assignments. When using big-data systems through R (such as PostgreSQL or Apache Spark) these planners […]

Vectorized Block ifelse in R

Win-Vector LLC has been working on porting some significant large scale production systems from SAS to R. From this experience we want to share how to simulate, in R with Apache Spark (via Sparklyr), a nifty SAS feature: the vectorized “block if(){}else{}” structure.

Big Data Transforms

As part of our consulting practice Win-Vector LLC has been helping a few clients stand-up advanced analytics and machine learning stacks using R and substantial data stores (such as relational database variants such as PostgreSQL or big data systems such as Spark). Often we come to a point where we […]

My advice on dplyr::mutate()

There are substantial differences between ad-hoc analyses (be they: machine learning research, data science contests, or other demonstrations) and production worthy systems. Roughly: ad-hoc analyses have to be correct only at the moment they are run (and often once they are correct, that is the last time they are run; […]