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y-aware scaling in context

Nina Zumel introduced y-aware scaling in her recent article Principal Components Regression, Pt. 2: Y-Aware Methods. I really encourage you to read the article and add the technique to your repertoire. The method combines well with other methods and can drive better predictive modeling results. From feedback I am not […]

Principal Components Regression, Pt. 2: Y-Aware Methods

In our previous note, we discussed some problems that can arise when using standard principal components analysis (specifically, principal components regression) to model the relationship between independent (x) and dependent (y) variables. In this note, we present some dimensionality reduction techniques that alleviate some of those problems, in particular what […]

Coming up: principal components analysis

Just a “heads-up.” I’ve been editing a two-part three-part series Nina Zumel is writing on some of the pitfalls of improperly applied principal components analysis/regression and how to avoid them (we are using the plural spelling as used in following Everitt The Cambridge Dictionary of Statistics). The series is looking […]