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I would like to once again recommend our readers to our note on wrapr::let(), an R function that can help you eliminate many problematic NSE (non-standard evaluation) interfaces (and their associate problems) from your R programming tasks. The idea is to imitate the following lambda-calculus idea: let x be y […]

Let X=X in R

Our article "Let’s Have Some Sympathy For The Part-time R User" includes two points: Sometimes you have to write parameterized or re-usable code. The methods for doing this should be easy and legible. The first point feels abstract, until you find yourself wanting to re-use code on new projects. As […]

In defense of wrapr::let()

Saw this the other day: In defense of wrapr::let() (originally part of replyr, and still re-exported by that package) I would say: let() was deliberately designed for a single real-world use case: working with data when you don’t know the column names when you are writing the code (i.e., the […]