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cdata Update

The R package cdata now has version 0.7.0 available from CRAN. cdata is a data manipulation package that subsumes many higher order data manipulation operations including pivot/un-pivot, spread/gather, or cast/melt. The record to record transforms are specified by drawing a table that expresses the record structure (called the “control table” […]

Data Reshaping with cdata

I’ve just shared a short webcast on data reshaping in R using the cdata package. (link) We also have two really nifty articles on the theory and methods: Fluid data reshaping with cdata Coordinatized Data: A Fluid Data Specification Please give it a try! This is the material I recently […]

Big cdata News

I have some big news about our R package cdata. We have greatly improved the calling interface and Nina Zumel has just written the definitive introduction to cdata. cdata is our general coordinatized data tool. It is what powers the deep learning performance graph (here demonstrated with R and Keras) […]

Win-Vector LLC announces new “big data in R” tools

Win-Vector LLC is proud to introduce two important new tool families (with documentation) in the 0.5.0 version of seplyr (also now available on CRAN): partition_mutate_se() / partition_mutate_qt(): these are query planners/optimizers that work over dplyr::mutate() assignments. When using big-data systems through R (such as PostgreSQL or Apache Spark) these planners […]

Fluid use of data

Nina Zumel and I recently wrote a few article and series on best practices in testing models and data: Random Test/Train Split is not Always Enough How Do You Know if Your Data Has Signal? How do you know if your model is going to work? A Simpler Explanation of […]