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List Coloring Latin Squares

(Still on my math streak.) 1994 had an exciting moment when Fred Galvin solved the 1979 Jeff Dinitz conjecture on list-coloring Latin squares. Latin squares are a simple predecessor to puzzles such as Soduko. A Latin square is an n by n grid of the integers 0 through n-1 (called […]

Tilting at Sign

Establishing the “L1L2 AUC” equals 1/2 + arctan(1/sqrt(π – 3)) / π (≅ 0.8854404657887897) used a few nifty lemmas. One of which I am calling “the sign tilting lemma.” The sign tilting lemma is: For X, Y independent mean zero normal random variables with known variances sx2 and sy2, what […]

Vector Packing Vacation

Just coming back from a vacation where I got some side-time to work some recreational math problems. One stood out, packing vector sums by re-ordering. I feel you don’t deeply understand a proof until you try to work examples and re-write it, so here (for me) it is: Picking Vectors […]

What is a win vector?

From time to time we are asked “what is the company name Win-Vector LLC referring to?” It is a cryptic pun trying to be an encoding of “we deliver victory.” The story is an inside joke referring to something really only funny to one of the founders. But a joke […]