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cdata Control Table Keys

In our cdata R package and training materials we emphasize the record-oriented thinking and how to design a transform control table. We now have an additional exciting new feature: control table keys. The user can now control which columns of a cdata control table are the keys, including now using […]

cdata Update

The R package cdata now has version 0.7.0 available from CRAN. cdata is a data manipulation package that subsumes many higher order data manipulation operations including pivot/un-pivot, spread/gather, or cast/melt. The record to record transforms are specified by drawing a table that expresses the record structure (called the “control table” […]

Wanted: cdata Test Pilots

I need a few volunteers to please “test pilot” the development version of the R package cdata, please. Jacqueline Cochran: at the time of her death, no other pilot held more speed, distance, or altitude records in aviation history than Cochran.

Data Reshaping with cdata

I’ve just shared a short webcast on data reshaping in R using the cdata package. (link) We also have two really nifty articles on the theory and methods: Fluid data reshaping with cdata Coordinatized Data: A Fluid Data Specification Please give it a try! This is the material I recently […]