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Here are some of our most popular blog articles and ongoing series broken down by area of interest:

Ongoing Series:
Statistics to English Translation
R as it Is
Statistics as it Should Be

Data Science and Machine Learning:
Setting Expectations in Data Science Projects
Random Test/Train Split is not always Enough
Bad Bayes: An Example of Why You Need Hold-Out Testing
Why Does Designing a Simple A/B Test Seem so Complicated?
A Dynamic Programming Solution to A/B Test Design
The Geometry of Classifiers
Does Balancing Classifiers Improve Classifier Performance?

Correlation and R-Squared
The Simpler Derivation of Logistic Regression
Bayesian and Frequentist Approaches: Ask the Right Question
Revisiting Cleveland’s The Elements of Graphing Data in ggplot2
Wanted: A Perfect Scatterplot (with marginals)
How to Test XCOM “Dice Rolls” for Fairness

The R statistical package:
Error Handling in R
Trimming the Fat from glm() Models in R
Efficient Accumulation in R

Mathematical Finance:
What is the Gambler’s Equivalent of Amdahl’s Law?
Betting Best-Of Series
Automatic Generation and Testing of Un-Rolls for Profitable Technical Trades

Computer Science:
Postel’s Law: Not Sure Who to Be Angry With
The Local to Global Principle
Sorting Used in Anger
On The Hysteria Over “The Cloud”

What is Mathematics, Really?
Hello World: An Instance Of Rhetoric in Computer Science