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Nina Zumel

Nina Zumel, Ph.D.
Principal Consultant

Nina Zumel

My technical interests include data science, statistics, statistical learning, and data visualization.

I am the co-author with John Mount of Practical Data Science with R. This book presents the process and principles of data science from a practitioner’s perspective, and complements existing texts on machine learning, statistics, and R.

In recent years, I have also become heavily involved with data science related training and teaching. I have developed data science and machine learning related courses and material, both publically available online courses and proprietary courses for large corporations.

My approach to teaching, training, and technical writing is an emphasis on a solid understanding of the fundamentals. I try to synthesize relevant ideas and theories from the statistics, computer science, and other research communities so that they are understandable by technical but non-specialist learners who want to apply these ideas in their own field.

When I’m not working, I write and dance.

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