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Company Information

Win-Vector LLC is a San Francisco based consultancy. Since 2006, Win-Vector LLC has provided data science consulting and training to clients in a broad range of industries.

All of our services offerings are designed to fulfill concrete business needs.

It is our practice to interact collaboratively with clients to:

  • Call out relevant technologies
  • Implement practical solutions
  • Train your staff to maintain and extend these solutions

We help you find valuable applications of your data.

Win-Vector LLC products include:

  • Professional on-site data science training.
  • Professional on-site R training.
  • Advisory services.
  • Hourly consulting and contracting in software development, data science, and operations research.
  • Data science staff development and coaching.
  • Fixed fee research and development projects.
  • Commissioned writing projects.
  • Private license of Win-Vector LLC libraries and algorithms (and maintenance/support contracts).

Win Vector Principal Consultants John Mount and Nina Zumel are the authors of the book Practical Data Science with R and creators of the video course Introduction to Data Science.

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