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List Coloring Latin Squares

(Still on my math streak.) 1994 had an exciting moment when Fred Galvin solved the 1979 Jeff Dinitz conjecture on list-coloring Latin squares. Latin squares are a simple predecessor to puzzles such as Soduko. A Latin square is an n by n grid of the integers 0 through n-1 (called […]


We try to keep this blog mostly technical and business (as we assume that is what our readers are here for). However, this post is going to be an exception. I’ve just got back from photographing the Rotary Club of San Francisco‘s 2018 Holiday Party. We had a special guest […]

R tip: Make Your Results Clear with sigr

R is designed to make working with statistical models fast, succinct, and reliable. For instance building a model is a one-liner: model <- lm(Petal.Length ~ Sepal.Length, data = iris) And producing a detailed diagnostic summary of the model is also a one-liner: summary(model) # Call: # lm(formula = Petal.Length ~ […]

Our Differential Privacy Mini-series

We’ve just finished off a series of articles on some recent research results applying differential privacy to improve machine learning. Some of these results are pretty technical, so we thought it was worth working through concrete examples. And some of the original results are locked behind academic journal paywalls, so […]