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Very Non-Standard Calling in R

Our group has done a lot of work with non-standard calling conventions in R. Our tools work hard to eliminate non-standard calling (as is the purpose of wrapr::let()), or at least make it cleaner and more controllable (as is done in the wrapr dot pipe). And even so, we still […]

Kudos to Professor Andrew Gelman

Kudos to Professor Andrew Gelman for telling a great joke at his own expense: Stupid-ass statisticians don’t know what a goddam confidence interval is. He brilliantly burlesqued a frustrating common occurrence many people say they “have never seen happen.” One of the pains of writing about data science is there […]

You can’t do that in statistics

There are a number of statistical principles that are perhaps more honored in the breach than in the observance. For fun I am going to name a few, and show why they are not always the “precision surgical knives of thought” one would hope for (working more like large hammers).