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New Introduction to rquery

Introduction rquery is a data wrangling system designed to express complex data manipulation as a series of simple data transforms. This is in the spirit of R’s base::transform(), or dplyr’s dplyr::mutate() and uses a pipe in the style popularized in R with magrittr. The operators themselves follow the selections in […]

Big News: Porting vtreat to Python

We at Win-Vector LLC have some big news. We are finally porting a streamlined version of our R vtreat variable preparation package to Python. vtreat is a great system for preparing messy data for supervised machine learning. The new implementation is based on Pandas, and we are experimenting with pushing […]

Programming Over lm() in R

Here is simple modeling problem in R. We want to fit a linear model where the names of the data columns carrying the outcome to predict (y), the explanatory variables (x1, x2), and per-example row weights (wt) are given to us as string values in variables.