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wvpy Clean Up

Just a quick administrative note.

To lower the number of dependencies in our Jupyter to Python converter (text and video tutorial here) I have moved the other data science tools (and their dependencies) out of the wvpy package and into a new package named wvu (“Win Vector University”).

This will, sadly, break code that was using the data science tools from the wvpy package; until such uses update to wvu. I appologize for this. I saw a big need for a lower dependency offering. Of the two bad alternative for realizing this (moving the converter to a new package, or moving the data science tools to a new package), I had a preference for moving the data science tools (as they are usually used when I am teaching, and therefore there to help).

This release also introduces optional black code formatting into the mix. With the new --black command line flag code cells are reformatted during conversion.

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