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Back to teaching.

For a few years we’ve been running a data science intensive at for a really neat FAAMG company. The idea is to give engineers some hands on live workbook time using methods varying from linear regression, xgboost, to deep neural networks. Learning how participants progress and internalize the
concepts is amazing.

Obviously the pandemic put us into a remote mode.

This is my current pseudo-studio.

IMG 1176

My current minimal setup includes:

  • Primary computer cut down to one monitor so Zoom doesn’t get confused.
  • Laptop dialed in separately to confirm what participants are seeing.
  • Cardioid with monitor headphones for good sound capture and isolation.
  • Second wireless 2-way headset for backup/moving.
  • Stand for headsets.
  • Chalk board to emphasize points.
  • Second camera on tripod to center view on chalk board.
  • Hard ethernet to minimize wireless weirdness.

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