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wrapr 1.9.6 is now up on CRAN

wrapr 1.9.6 is now up on CRAN.

We unfortunately usually forget to say this. A big thank you to the staff and volunteers at CRAN.

As part of this release Nina Zumel has streamlined the unpack vignette, picking and recommending specific notations for the unpack method.

We are looking forward to using the new wrapr as_named_list/unpack pair to manage workspaces (tutorial here), and quickly unpack results from list-value returning functions (such as vtreat mkCrossFrame*Experiment, tutorial here).

Please give it a try in your own work.

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  1. Very nice. I’ll take a look.

    As a bit of immediate feedback from someone who has never heard of the project before… It would be good if one of the vignettes was labeled “Introduction” or something. I wasn’t sure just reading the description exactly what I was supposed to get out of the package.

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