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Practical Data Science with R, 2nd Edition, IS OUT!!!!!!!

Practical Data Science with R, 2nd Edition author Dr. Nina Zumel, with a fresh author’s copy of her book!

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Data Scientist and trainer at Win Vector LLC. One of the authors of Practical Data Science with R.

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  1. Some of the features new to the 2nd edition include:

    A chapter on advanced data preparation using the vtreat package.
    Regularization methods.
    Model explainability.
    More on data manipulation and data wrangling.
    Using xgboost / gradient boosting.

  2. Congratulations. I have bought the book and so far enjoying the digital version.
    I have however a complaint regarding the support ( I know this is not your direct responsibility but I would like you to know that I don’t receive any feedback from this address regarding my printed copy which was shipped past nov-26 and has not yet arrived (to Spain).
    I have yet written three e-mails to support and they simply don’t reply anything.
    I want to advise other customers about this horrible service. No problem at all downloading the digital versions though.


    1. First Nina and I would like to apologize for your not getting the book, and not getting an answer. We would also like to thank you for reaching out and for your patience.

      I have taken the liberty of forwarding your note to Manning (with your submitted email as a visible-cc) both to the support email and (via BCC) to a specific very helpful individual at Manning. I am hoping this will help. And I appreciate even if this does help (and even worse if it does not help) it should not come to this.

      Historically Manning has been good to our readers with the 1st edition, so I am hoping this is an isolated incident.

      Edit: Manning support got back to me and says they can’t match the email I have for you against their records. They will reach out to that email, or if you want to give me a different email I will forward it to them.