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vtreat up on PyPi

I am excited to announce vtreat is now available for Python on PyPi, in addition for R on CRAN.

vtreat is:

A data.frame processor/conditioner that prepares real-world data for predictive modeling in a statistically sound manner. vtreat prepares variables so that data has fewer exceptional cases, making it easier to safely use models in production. Common problems vtreat defends against: Inf, NA, too many categorical levels, rare categorical levels, and new categorical levels (levels seen during application, but not during training). Reference: vtreat: a data.frame Processor for Predictive Modeling”, Zumel, Mount, 2016.


To help you get up to speed we have a number of short worked examples of supervised machine learning using vtreat here. For instance here we work the KDD2009 example.

vtreat: R

vtreat: Python

Let’s hear it for cross-language data science!

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