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PDSwR2: New Chapters!

We have two new chapters of Practical Data Science with R, Second Edition online and available for review!


The newly available chapters cover:

Data Engineering And Data Shaping – Explores how to use R to organize or wrangle data into a shape useful for analysis. The chapter covers applying data transforms, data manipulation packages, and more.

Choosing and Evaluating Models – The chapter starts with exploring machine learning approaches and then moves to studying key model evaluation topics like mapping business problems to machine learning tasks, evaluating model quality, and how to explain model predictions.

If you haven’t signed up for our book’s MEAP (Manning Early Access Program), we encourage you to do so. The MEAP includes a free copy of Practical Data Science with R, First Edition, as well as early access to chapter drafts of the second edition as we complete them.

For those of you who have already subscribed — thank you! We hope you enjoy the new chapters, and we look forward to your feedback.

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Nina Zumel

Data scientist with Win Vector LLC. I also dance, read ghost stories and folklore, and sometimes blog about it all.

5 replies

  1. If I bought the first edition, do I get access to the second edition for free or at a discount?

    1. Unfortunately I don’t think first edition buyers get an additional discount. You should be able to get over 40% off on the MEAP and we try to post discounts as they become available.

  2. It’s a bit frustrating, since over the years you will no doubt continue to update the book and I would have to pay multiple times.

    I found the first edition very good, by the way. It might just be worth what the publisher is asking us loyal readers to do, I suppose.

    1. We will take your advice and try to see if we can get at least a “welcome back” event from the publisher. No promises (as it isn’t under our control) but we will try and pitch this.

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