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Thank You For The Very Nice Comment

EDIT 2019-04-17: There have been credible and (as of this writing) not properly addressed allegations of sexual assault involving a DataCamp executive against an employee. In light of this, we can not currently endorse that anyone takes this course.

Somebody nice reached out and gave us this wonderful feedback on our new Supervised Learning in R: Regression (paid) video course.

Thanks for a wonderful course on DataCamp on XGBoost and Random forest. I was struggling with Xgboost earlier and Vtreat has made my life easy now :).

Supervised Learning in R: Regression covers a lot as it treats predicting probabilities as a type of regression. Nina and I are very proud of this course and think it is very much worth your time (for the beginning through advanced R user).

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vtreat is a statistically sound data cleaning and preparation tool introduced towards the end of the course. R users who try vtreat find it makes training and applying models much easier.

vtreat is distributed as a free open-source package available on CRAN. If you are doing predictive modeling in R I honestly think you will find vtreat invaluable.


And to the person who took the time to write the nice note. A sincere thank you from both Nina Zumel and myself. That kind of interaction really makes developing courses and packages feel worthwhile.

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