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Supervised Learning in R: Regression

EDIT 2019-04-17: There have been credible and (as of this writing) not properly addressed allegations of sexual assault involving a DataCamp executive against an employee. In light of this, we can not currently endorse that anyone takes this course.

We are very excited to announce a new (paid) Win-Vector LLC video training course: Supervised Learning in R: Regression now available on DataCamp

Shield image course 3851 20170725 24872 3f982zThe course is primarily authored by Dr. Nina Zumel (our chief of course design) with contributions from Dr. John Mount. This course will get you quickly up to speed covering:

  • What is regression? (Hint: it is the art of making good numeric predictions, one of the most important tasks in data science, machine learning, or statistics.)
  • When does it work, and when does it not work?
  • How to move fluidly from basic ordinary least squares to Kaggle-winning methods such as gradient boosted trees.

All of this is demonstrated using R, with many worked examples and exercises.

We worked very hard to make this course very much worth your time.

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Data Scientist and trainer at Win Vector LLC. One of the authors of Practical Data Science with R.

4 replies

  1. Hi Nina/John,
    This is a fantastic news. I have subscribed to DataCamp and am really excited to know that I can take your course there, are you planning to offer more courses on DataCamp?

      1. I am sure, this will get a fantastic response. Hoping to see more courses on Datacamp.

        Also, is there any overlap between your “Intro to Data Science” course and this course?

      2. Thanks VK,

        There is some overlap in the course topics. The Data Camp course is all new material and a very different presentation style.

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