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“Introduction to Data Science” video course contest is closed

Congratulations to all the winners of the Win-Vector “Introduction to Data Science” Video Course giveaway! We’ve emailed all of you your individual subscription coupons.

Even though this contest is over, we still encourage those interested to join our mailing list. Our updates to the list will be infrequent, but (we hope) informative.

For fun, we created a map of our mailing list followers (we have confirmed that the lat/long locations are only approximate estimates). It’s been heartening to see that our followers come from so many places across the globe. Below is the R code to produce the map from a a standard MailChip list export.


d <- read.table('mailChimpExport.csv',
   header=TRUE,stringsAsFactors = FALSE,sep=',')
df = d[, c("LATITUDE", "LONGITUDE")]
df = df[complete.cases(df),]

leaflet(df) %>% addProviderTiles("Esri.NatGeoWorldMap") %>% addMarkers()


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