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Shiny Developer Conference

Really enjoying RStudio‘s Shiny Developer Conference | Stanford University | January 2016.

Winston Chang just demonstrated profvis, really slick. You can profile code just by wrapping it in a profvis({}) block and the results are exported as interactive HTML widgets.

For example, running the R code below:

if(!('profvis' %in% rownames(installed.packages()))) {

nrow = 10000
ncol = 1000
data <-*ncol),

  d <- data
  means <- apply(d,2,mean)
  for(i in seq_along(means)) {
    d[[i]] <- d[[i]] - means[[i]]

Produces an interactive version of the following profile information:


Definitely check it out!

Many other great presentations, this one is just particularly easy to share.

We will be bringing a lot of techniques back and to our clients.

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Data Scientist and trainer at Win Vector LLC. One of the authors of Practical Data Science with R.

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    1. I have found the package to be a bit install dependent. It worked out of the box on my MacBook Air (which I posted this article from, during the conference), but to get it to work on my office Mac Mini I needed to do the following at the command line (without instructions):

      brew update
      brew install ruby
      brew install Caskroom/cask/xquartz
      brew install cairo
      ln -s /usr/local/opt/readline/lib/libreadline.a /usr/local/lib

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