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Great book discount from Manning (and more about one of our authors)

Found this great offer from in our email today! Very excited to see Nina Zumel get some recognition and thought we would share it (and the generous discount) here.

Excerpt of May 8th 2014 email from (please excuse the formatting):

Manning authors:
Going places and doing stuff

Up to half off on your entire
purchase–eBook, pBook, or MEAP.

For purchases

Under $50

Over $50

Over $100





Coupon Code




Offer applies to your entire
purchase and expires May 15. Only at

Manning authors know their stuff because
they’re plugged into their communities–blogging,
speaking, and, of course, coding. Our job is to take all
the experience earned by our busy authors and turn it
into books that will save you time. Here’s a glimpse at
the recent activities of three Manning authors, along
with an opportunity to add some great books to your
collection at a great discount.

Can’t get enough practical data

Tn jsp

Nina Zumel, coauthor of Practical Data Science with R, blogs on
data science topics ranging from marketing algorithms to
NASA’s recent discovery of 715 new planets. Check out
these new posts on and

What is Verification by Multiplicity?
about the statistical technique that NASA scientists used
to winnow out so many planets from the bulk data.

Popularity and Social Networks: Life is still like high
Why does it matter how many
people follow your blog?

Bandit Formulations for A/B Testing
How big a
population do you need to reliably detect a difference to
the desired statistical significance?

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Data Scientist and trainer at Win Vector LLC. One of the authors of Practical Data Science with R.

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