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Practical Data Science with R: Release date announced


It took a little longer than we’d hoped, but we did it! Practical Data Science with R will be released on April 2nd (physical version). The eBook version will follow soon after, on April 15th. You can preorder the pBook now on the Manning book page. The physical version comes with a complimentary eBook version (when the eBook is released), in all three formats: PDF, ePub, and Kindle.

If you haven’t yet, order it now!

(softbound 416 pages, black and white; includes access to color PDF, ePub and Kindle when available)

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Nina Zumel

Data scientist with Win Vector LLC. I also dance, read ghost stories and folklore, and sometimes blog about it all.

5 replies

  1. Just received my pBook from the publisher. The PDF is published with color and the pBook is not published with color.

    Isn’t the pBook supposed to be the same as the PDF?

    1. The pBook is softbound black and white (as most Manning books are) and the e-editions (PDF, ePub, and Kindle) get to be color. That could be clearer on the Manning and Amazon sites (truly sorry about that, I have now added some notes where I can- but I can’t edit book details). Most technical books from O’Reilly, Manning, CRC, Morgan Kaufmann, MIT Press, and Artima are in black and white (R Graphics Cookbook being a notable exception).

      We do make an effort to vary textures (to ensure legibility) and to not use color names to refer to graphs and. All pBook owners get access to all the color e-book forms (and most graphs can be reproduced in color from the example code found on the book’s GitHub repository: ).

  2. Just downloaded my PDF today, will be starting this after “R in action”