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Practical Data Science with R, deal of the day Aug 1 2013

Deal of the Day August 1: Half off my book Practical Data Science with R. Use code dotd0801au at

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Data Scientist and trainer at Win Vector LLC. One of the authors of Practical Data Science with R.

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  1. I work with Java as technical architect and started coding R because our sizing team couldn’t relate workloads with number of cores or RAM. Since then I have collected many R books.
    I would like to know how datasets like http requests, think-time analysis , disk accesses and memory usages can be correlated(coefficient) and linear regression applied on them. This is size cores or memory. How do we go about doing this ? Does you book deal with that ? Sometimes this could multivariate.
    Is the ”practical” part of the book helpful for this ?

    1. Out book deals more with predictive modeling and how to adapt predictive modeling to business questions. What you are talking about sounds like capacity planning or extrapolation. Probably you want a book that is dedicated to capacity planning.

  2. I haven’t stated the question clearly. Sentence structures are wrong.
    Yes. This is more about capacity planning than anything else. But linear regression can be applied ? You have such a topic.
    I have books on capacity planning and queueing analysis. But I am missing the statistics part of it.
    I might buy the book anyway.